About Online Marketing

Online marketing can deliver benefits such as:

  • 增長的潛力 Growth in potential
  • 降低費用 Reduced expenses
  • 改善客戶通信 Improve customers communications
  • 更好的控制 Better control
  • 改善客戶服務 Improved customer service
  • 競爭優勢 Competitive advantage

Internet Visibility

了解在線營銷 Understanding Online Marketing

任何關於互聯網營銷的理解都是至關重要的,因為這種可見性是你所做其他事情的核心。 暫時忘掉社交媒體和其他形式的營銷。 搜索引擎優化 (SEO)提供了網絡上接近無限流量的眾所周知的關鍵。

讓我們面對現實吧,有機搜索對於在線營銷非常重要。 考慮到大多數人沒有大規模的廣告預算,也不知道鉛磁鐵的第一件事,擠壓頁面和銷售漏斗,看起來可見對於長期成功至關重要。

It’s clear that online marketing is no simple task. However, it is critical to any understanding of marketing on the internet simply because this visibility is at the heart of everything else that you do. Forget about social media and other forms of marketing for the time being. Search engine optimization (SEO) offers up the proverbial key to near-limitless amounts of traffic on the web. And let’s face it, organic search is important to marketing online. Considering that most people don’t have massive advertising budgets and don’t know the first thing about lead magnets, squeeze pages and sales funnels, appearing visible is critical towards long-term success.

Online Marketing Services We Provide

客戶關係管理 Customer Relationship Managment(CRM)

廣泛的在線營銷頻譜根據業務需求而有所不同。 有效的在線營銷計劃利用消費者數據和客戶關係管理(CRM)系統。 網絡營銷將組織與合格的潛在客戶連接起來,並將業務發展提高到比傳統營銷更高的水平。The broad online marketing spectrum varies according to business requirements. Effective online marketing programs leverage consumer data and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Online marketing connects organizations with qualified potential customers and takes business development to a much higher level than traditional marketing.

搜索引擎優化 Search engine optimization (SEO)

搜索引擎優化是一個營銷學科,專注於有機(非付費)搜索引擎結果日益增長的知名度。 搜索引擎優化包括提高排名,推動流量和提高搜索引擎意識所需的技術和創意元素。 搜索引擎優化有很多方面,從網頁上的文字到其他網站鏈接到網絡上的方式。搜索引擎優化不僅僅是建立搜索引擎友好的網站。 這是關於讓你的網站更適合人們。SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for people too.

搜索引擎推廣 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM廣告成效快,資料豐富,可以用作分析哪些頁面有更好的轉換。當然,透過SEM可測試不同組別的關鍵詞和對應的登陸頁面,觀察訪客行為數據,訂單轉換,挑選用戶參與度高或者轉換率高的詞作為SEO關鍵詞策略的參考。SEM advertising is fast and rich, and can be used to analyze which pages have better conversions. Of course, the SEM can test different groups of keywords and corresponding landing pages, observe visitor behavior data, order conversion, and select words with high user participation or high conversion rate as references for SEO keyword strategies.

品牌推廣 Brand Managment & Marketing

公司需要品牌! 保持現有的品牌是如此重要,現在是讓他們與競爭對手區別開來,提醒客戶與人們聯繫的東西,再加上優質的產品和客戶服務,讓客戶回歸。Companies need Brand ! Staying power have a brand is so important nowadays is to keep differentiates them from their competitors, remind customers something that people connect with and, coupled with good products and customer service, something that keeps customers coming back.

市場營銷自動化 Marketing Automation

在廣泛的範圍內,營銷自動化包含營銷和業務開發的幾個不同方面,包括電子郵件營銷,內容開發,轉換率優化和潛在客戶生成。營銷自動化的最大好處是可以幫助銷售和營銷團隊更高效地工作。In the broad scope of things, marketing automation incorporates several different aspects of marketing and business development, including email marketing, content development, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation. The biggest benefits of marketing automation is that it helps sales and marketing teams work more efficiently.

社交媒體市場營銷 Social Media Marketing

社交媒體營銷是一種在線營銷形式,用於通過以視頻,圖像等形式分享相關的高質量內容來吸引潛在客戶,從而完成組織的營銷傳播和品牌塑造目標。Facebook將品牌與社區之間的差距拉大,Facebook將在線互動提升到了新的高度.Social media marketing, is a form of online marketing used to engage prospects by sharing relevant and high quality content in the form of videos, images etc. in order to accomplish the marketing communication and branding goals of an organization. Facebook to plunge the gap between brands and its communities, Facebook has taken online interactions to new heights.


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